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Tea-Licious Skincare

All natural plant-based skincare such as cleansers, serums, soaps, salves and lotion bars, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the natural earth friendly ingredients used in their production.

Our Skincare Collection


Our natural bar soaps are made with a blend of tea and natural oils to create a luxurious, moisturizing lather.

Lotion Bars

Refreshing and nourishing, our natural lotion bars are made to hydrate and protect your skin.


All our products are natural, non-toxic, chemical and plastic free. Check out our body scrubs, deodorants, lip balms, soaps and more!


Unveil radiant skin with our tea-based skincare, blending potent antioxidants and natural ingredients for a luminous, healthy complexion.

Nourishing Hydration
Indulge in tea-infused skincare for deep, lasting hydration and radiance.

Antioxidant Powerhouse
Harness the natural antioxidants in tea for skin rejuvenation and protection.

Gentle Cleansing Ritual
Experience the soothing cleanse of tea-infused soaps, perfect for delicate skin.

Youthful Glow
Unlock the anti-aging benefits of tea for a radiant, youthful complexion.

Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free Products

If you're looking for a natural and holistic skincare solution that not only benefits your skin, but also helps to reduce environmental waste, then Tea-Licious Skincare is the perfect choice. Our tea-based and botanical skincare products are packed with powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins, raw butters, natural oils and essential fatty acids - all in sustainable packaging to minimize environmental impact.

Find Your Favorite Soaps, Lotions, and More

Our natural body care products come in a variety of scents and tea flavors, like lime blossom, English rose, or spicy ginger tea. Whether you're looking for a traditional green tea, refreshing citrus soap, healing calendula or a soothing lavender, we have something for everyone.

Inspired by herbal teas, always chemical free.

Tea-Licious Skincare

All natural vegan soaps, salves, lotion bars, and scrubs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the natural and vegan friendly ingredients used in their production. Natural vegan soaps are made from plant-based ingredients that are free from animal products and are gentle on the skin. Natural salves are made with nourishing oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients providing a healing balm for the skin. Natural vegan lotion bars are made with natural oils and butters that are solid at room temperature and melt with the warmth of the skin. Natural vegan scrubs are made with natural ingredients such as sugar, honey, and essential oils that can help exfoliate and soothe the skin. All of these natural vegan products are created without the use of harsh chemicals or animal products and offer a gentle and nourishing alternative to traditional soaps and lotions.